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EL Rico Pollo, what a great Authentic Peruvian restaurant!

This is not fast food. U will need to patiently  wait 
The Food is definitely worth the wait!!!!
So just get on over there and nosh on those corn nuts or order a nice appetizer before your main course.
This place is So consistent. I have five favorite dishes and each time I have any one of them, I am incredibly happy.
This is why we keep coming back.
I especially love the weekend because, I always order  "Seco de Carnero Con Frejoles"  Peruvian lamb stew ...Absolutely Fantastic, it melts in your mouth.
If you order this entree and they are all out, no worries.
U can not go wrong with "Rotisserie Chicken,"   
"Saltado de Pollo",  "Sopa de Pollo",  "Aguadito de Pollo" also the Peruvian beans and rice are amazing
Oh by the way, you can't go wrong with any of the salads.
Ok what are you waiting on....I just gave u a personal invite.
Enjoy the experience, take a picture and leave your review, I want to know if you think like I think.
Chef Ann


Wanting to try something different we took a ride down hospitality lane. We saw the a Peruvian Cuisine sign and decided to give it a try. The seafood and rice (arroz con mariscos)was really good and the seafood soup (parihuela) was amazing. It was a great experience and fun trying something new.


My family's favorite place! The food is good and the service is always friendly. We visit this place either we are around San Bernardino.


El Rico Pollo made my first Peruvian dining experience something which left me craving more of their authentic dishes.  Always a good thing when you're in the restaurant biz, right?

For lunch, I went with the Pescado a lo Macho.  This plate is a deep fried fillet of sea bass topped with shrimp, octopus, calamari and sauce and served with a side of white rice.  The sea bass was absolutely delicious; flaky, tender yet moist, slightly crunchy (even after being topped with that sauce) and delicately salty.  It was a pleasure to devour.

The sauce is made with aji amarillo, a yellow chile found in many Peruvian dishes along with tomato cream and a few other ingredients.  The result is something that has a pronounced tomato flavor, while being slightly thick.  Overall, I liked it, especially after mixing it in with the side of white rice.

The octopus was way too chewy for me, I didn't eat more than two of the four tiny ones on my plate.  The calamari was perfectly tender; though the sauce overtook the taste of the calamari (and octopus for that matter).  The shrimp was cooked perfectly and still had a lot of shrimp flavor.

Overall, this is a solid dish and plenty filling.  As an appetizer, this place provides you with Cancha, (toasted kernels of corn/corn nuts) and a bit of aji verde (a green salsa).  This salsa was so good, I could swear it was a guacamole type salsa, due to its consistency.  Nope, it's made up of jalapenos, cilantro, garlic and other things I can't remember, but it's super good, and goes good with almost anything on your plate.

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