Capirotada, Lenten recipe

La capirotada is a traditional Mexican dessert prepared with bread covered with honey, typical of the days of Lent.

It is important to bear in mind that in this case we will refer to the capirotada as prepared in Mexico, which has nothing to do with the old recipe of the Spanish capirotada, with salty ingredients.

La capirotada, a traditional Mexican dessert

When we think of Mexican desserts, the Capirotada is one of the first to come to mind. Of course, we also have the arroz con leche, the chongos zamoranos, the jericallas or jericayas, the impossible cake and a few others. But today we will start this series of desserts with delicious traditional capirotada very easy to prepare and explained step by step.

According to the chef, this dessert is susceptible to many variations, but today, we will try to prepare this recipe the most traditional way possible.

recipe capirotada for lent

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 capirotada recipe for lent
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Capirotada de Vigilia or of Lent

Cooking recipe to prepare this traditional Mexican dessert: the capirotada al horno.For this, we will heat a pot with water, cinnamon and cloves, and we will put this ingredient to dissolve. If you want it to dissolve faster, you can cut it into pieces previously.
  • Meanwhile , let's slice the bread with a good saw knife, so that the slices are even and complete.
  • When the piloncillo is dissolved, we will add the raisins to the syrup. We will leave them long enough for them to hydrate and inflate. Then, we will turn off the preparation.
  • To continue, let's heat an oil jet in a large pan. There we will fry the slices of bread on both sides, enough for them to finish golden and a little crispy.
  • The next thing will be to prepare the dessert to take it to the oven. We will need a large container where to place the loaves and to bathe them with the syrup of piloncillo. Before pouring the piloncillo honey, we will spread the peanuts, the walnut and the grated coconut over the loaves (it is advisable to do this before and not after, to avoid the risk of these fruits being burned in the oven). div>
  • We will crown the preparation with the cheese and send it to the oven between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • After removing from the oven, the capirotada will be ready. It is advisable to serve hot or warm.
  • Tips for preparing an unforgettable capirotada

    • You can replace the fresh cheese of the recipe with Chihuahua cheese or aged cheese.
    • For this recipe, we have proposed to use bobbin, although you can also use box bread or sandwich bread.
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    • You can use butter to fry the bread, instead of oil. The butter gives a delicate flavor to the preparation, while the oil remains almost imperceptible (with respect to taste). In any case, do not abuse the butter oil. The idea is that the slices of bread end crispy and a little toasted, not watered down.
    • The most traditional presentation of the capirotada uses a clay pot, which is the same one with which the loaves have been baked . If you get a traditional casserole to prepare the capirotada, make sure it is resistant to the oven.
    • Depending on the region of Mexico where the capirotada is prepared, other ingredients can be added to the decoration, such as, for example, dragees of colored or sliced ​​almonds.
    • If you have hard bread at home, you can use it to prepare this recipe. In fact, in some places, cut the slices of bolillo and let them dry from one day to the next. Some people even let it dry in the sun.

    If you're not Mexican, you may not know what the piloncillo is. In other countries, this derivative of sugar cane is known as panela, raspadura or papelón, among other names.

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