Governor Tacos: recipe for shrimp tacos

Governor's tacos should be one of the best taco recipes of Mexican food, or flat out, the best.

The key to its success lies in the basic ingredients: the shrimp. Who would say no to some delicious shrimp tacos?

Recipe of tacos gobernador

Like many of the Mexican recipes with seafood, the origin of these tacos comes from the north of the country , specifically from the province of Sinaloa.

This recipe for tacos was created for a governor, as the name says, in the city of Mazatlan.

 Mexican governor tacos with avocado, shrimp and lemon

 Mexican governor tacos with avocado, shrimp and lemon
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Governor tacos with shrimp

Learn how to prepare these shrimp tacos traditions of northern Mexico, with this recipe step by stepIn the process, we will remove the seeds and the white parts inside.
  • Also Peel and chop the onion and garlic. In the case of the first, we will chop it into small cubes, and in the case of the second, we will finely chop it or crush it.
  • Now we'll take care of the celery. We will wash it and chop it very finely. We will reserve all the vegetables.
  • Then, with the shrimps well cleaned and drained, We will cut them into smaller pieces (you can leave some complete ones so that the taco is visually more interesting, in fact, many skip this step and no longer bite the shrimp).
  • In a frying pan, heat almost all the butter (save a little bit and then heat the tortillas).
  • With the hot butter, sauté the garlic and onion, over medium-low heat (so as not to risk cooking more, or that the butter burns).
  • After cooking the garlic and the onion between 4 and 5 minutes, so that the latter begins To become transparent, add the chopped pepper and celery.
  • We will cook the vegetables a couple more minutes, and then add the shrimp.
  • We will mix everything is in the pan, and season with a pinch of salt, another pepper and a touch of oregano to taste.
  • Next, we will chop the lemon and sprinkle the preparation with its juice.
  • Then, we'll let cook a couple more minutes and then, we'll add the cheese. For this last step, you have to be fast enough. The idea is that the cheese melts a little and mixes well with the rest of the ingredients, but not that it cooks to the point of toasting, or that the mixture takes a consistency that does not suit us for our tacos. What we will do is that we will mix the cheese well with the rest of the stew, let it melt slightly and remove the filling from the pan.
  • In another pan heat the remaining of the butter, and then we will pass the tortillas so that they also heat up. We will give them a quick turn, on both sides, and then fill them with the stew prepared with the shrimp.
  • Serve immediately your tacos governor.

    I recommend accompanying them with more lemons cut in quarters, to season with the juice at the time of eating, and with a good red Mexican sauce. You can also decorate your tacos with chopped cilantro, or avocado. Although the latter is not so traditional, I love doing it 🙂

    Some notes on the ingredients of the governor tacos

    If you are not Mexican or are not used to preparing the dishes of Your typical cuisine, you may have some questions about the ingredients that we mentioned in the recipe.

    • The shrimp.

    The so-called "pacchetta shrimp" are the smallest.

    • Tortillas.

    For governor tacos and many of the Mexican recipes from the north of the country, it is common to use wheat flour tortillas, or white tortillas.Wheat tortillas tend to be larger and are closer to those used to prepare kebab. However, this recipe will be delicious with both types of tortillas.

    • The cheese.

    Oaxaca cheese is one of the most typical and used cheeses in Mexico. For those who are not Mexican or are not there, we will try to describe it as precisely as possible. It is a soft and fresh white cheese, which melts easily into a kind of ribbons or filaments, when broken by hand. To try to make a comparison with another type of cheese, we could talk about a kind of mozzarella already drained, but with a more pronounced flavor, and with the particularity of the consistency that we have just explained.

    • Chilies and peppers.

    Instead of paprika or pepper, a chili can be used, if you are a spicy lover. Choose a chile serrano, preferably. A poblano pepper will also work well.

    • Chicken broth?

    Some people add chicken broth when cooking shrimp , to give them even more flavor. This can be done in two ways: with cubed industrial broth or powder, of which we would add half a cube or a teaspoon coffee, or with concentrated broth, like the one in our chicken broth recipe. If it's the latter, add half a cup after starting to cook the shrimp in the pan.

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