How to make chiles in nogada

Chiles en nogada are a typical dish of the cuisine of the state of Puebla, in Mexico.

Although this recipe corresponds to one of the most gourmet dishes of Mexican gastronomy, strangely, it is not so internationally known, unlike other preparations such as tacos , guacamole or refried beans.

Recipe of chiles en nogada

The preparation of this dish , in Mexico, it is concentrated on the months of the local production of pomegranate: mainly August and September.

The pomegranate is essential to decorate the chiles, already covered with white nogada sauce, or walnut sauce , creamy and thick.

recipe of chiles in Mexican nogada

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recipe for chiles in nogada mexicanos
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Homemade chiles in nogada

Cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, chiles en nogada like those from the best restaurants in Puebla, or those prepared by grandmothers.First, we will peel the garlic cloves and chop them into pieces. We will also peel the half onion and chop it into small cubes.
  • In the case of the tomatoes, we will wash them well. To cook them, we have two options: roast them a few minutes on a griddle, griddle or pan, or chop them into irregular pieces and fry them directly with the onion and garlic.
  • Whatever the decision made regarding the tomatoes, we will heat a jet of oil in a pan, to fry them with the pieces of onion and garlic, for about three minutes.
  • After this time, we will add the meat to the pan. We will mix it well with the other ingredients that we have just fried, and we will pepper to taste.
  • We will cook everything with a lid, for about 10 minutes.
  • To take advantage of this time, Peel and chop the apple and peach, in small cubes. In both cases, we will remove the seeds previously.
  • We can also peel and chop from a Once the banana, cubed.
  • In the case of nuts, there are than to peel a dozen, and once we have the content, break it into small pieces, until completing about half a cup.
  • After ten minutes, we will add the apple and peach pieces to the meat.
  • Mix, cover again and let the mixture cook for about five more minutes.
  • Then, we will uncover again and add the raisins, the pine nuts, the almonds (pelad as), the pieces of nuts, the chopped male plantain and a pinch of sugar.
  • Stir everything well and let cook the stew, with a lid, for a final five minutes.
  • After this time, try the filling, and if necessary, correct the seasoning with more salt or pepper. If the meat has released a lot of liquid for your taste, you can let it cook without a lid for a few more minutes.
  • Preparation of the nogada

    1. The nogada or salsa has many ingredients, but it is easy to prepare. What we will do is use a blender, to mix the contents of the rest of the nuts (already peeled and chopped into pieces), the cream of milk, the goat cheese, the cream cheese, a touch of cinnamon powder, a touch of salt, one sugar and one pepper.
    2. Mix the sauce until you get a uniform texture Try and if necessary, correct the seasoning.

    Preparation of chili peppers

    1. Let's grill the chiles to remove the skin.If you do this last, you will see how they blister or blacken a bit. This is normal.
    2. We will rotate each chili over the heat, until the skin is cooked evenly, over its entire surface.
    3. Then, we will save the chiles inside a closed plastic bag, for just over five minutes. This will make them sweat and help us remove their skin very easily.
    4. Once Take the chiles out, remove the skin. If necessary, you can pass them under a stream of water.
    5. With a Sharp knife, make a side opening from top to bottom, in each chili. Carefully remove the seeds with the knife.
    6. Reserve the chillies momentarily for washing the parsley and peel the pomegranates.
    7. Then, separate the leaves of the parsley and if you want it, chop finely.
    8. Fill each chili with a part of the stew previously prepared . Arrange each one on the plate where you are going to serve it, and bathe with the sauce.
    9. Decorate with grains of pomegranates and with parsley.

    Tips for the preparation of chiles en nogada

    • Normally, chiles en nogada are served at the time, or at room temperature. However, you can also heat the ingredients to serve them according to your preference. In the case of the ingredients of the nogada, you can remove the dairy products in advance from the refrigerator, so that they are not so cold when making the sauce.
    • Some people prefer to remove the skin from the tomatoes. This depends on the taste of each chef.
    • Formerly, the acizrón de biznaga was used frequently for the recipe of chili en nogada. However, for ecological reasons, now its consumption is forbidden.
    • Some people add some spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or ground cloves to the filling. If you like spicy flavors, you can do it and the result will be very good for you. Just make sure you add a pinch of each spice, stir the stew, try it, and if you wish, add more. It is better to go little by little, than to make mistakes with the quantities.
    • There are also those who add a pinch of cinnamon in the sauce or nogada. Clearly, the recipe for chiles en nogada has become a sort of "author preparation", where each chef adds his personal touch.
    • I prefer to prepare the chiles en nogada without coating them or coating them. However, chiles en nogada capeados are also very common. If you want to prepare them in this way, you can use the same procedure that we explained in our recipe for stuffed chilies. I recommend using wooden chopsticks to temporarily close each chili and that the filling is not salted. It is also advisable to bathe the head and the lower tip with hot oil, so that they are cooked just like the rest of the surface, when they are covered.
    • If you want a more liquid sauce, you can incorporate half a cup of evaporated milk to the preparation.
    • Optionally, you can also reserve some nuts for decoration.
    • Some people use wine to complement the preparation of chiles en nogada.