How to make traditional charro beans

In Mexico, you can cook wonders with beans. For example, you can prepare some refried beans to accompany your dishes, or better yet, these appetizing charro beans.

But the charro beans recipe should be the best bean recipe that exists. The combination of beans with different types of pork, and those with the indicated seasonings, gives this dish a lot of flavor. In addition, it is an abundant dish, filling and recommended for cold days.

How charro beans are made

Well, to prepare this delicious dish of Mexico you will need, preferably , bay beans, also called Flor de Mayo.

You will also need dry sausage, smoked sausages or chops, tree chile among other ingredients.

 recipe for Mexican charro beans

recipe for Mexican charro beans
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Recipe of traditional charro beans

Cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, some delicious charro beans with pieces of puer co and much flavor, traditional Mexican style.For cooking, we will count two hours.
  • Meanwhile, we will use to cut the average diced onion, sausage/chop or ham in wheels or cubes, and bacon in pieces.
  • We will also wash the chile de árbol, we will remove the branch, the seed and the vein, and cut it into very small pieces.
  • In the case of garlic cloves, we will peel and chop them very finely.
  • The last thing we'll stop chopping are chorizo, tomatoes and cilantro. In both cases, they should be very well washed (I prefer to soak the cilantro for a few minutes in water with vinegar).
  • We finely chop the coriander leaves and in respect to the tomatoes, we will chop them into pieces. For the sausage, we will chop it on wheels.
  • Then, we will heat a pan to fry the bacon and the pieces of onion and garlic. We can take advantage of the natural fat that the bacon will release with the heat. In case you need more fat, you can add a little vegetable oil (I prefer not to do it).
  • After 4 minutes, add the chili and the pieces of sausage/chop or ham to the cooking. We will let everything cook 10 minutes, over medium - low heat. Then, we will turn off the mixture and reserve it.
  • After two hours of cooking of the beans, we will verify that they are soft (if not, it would be necessary to let them cook a little more).
  • Then, without turning off the cooking, we will add the mixture that we have previously prepared to the beans. We will also add cilantro, tomato, chorizo, half a teaspoon of pepper powder, half a teaspoon of cumin powder, concentrated chicken broth and a touch of additional salt.
  • Mix well and let the beans cook for 15 minutes more, over low heat.
  • After this time, we will check the seasoning of the beans. If necessary, we will correct it with more salt, pepper or even chicken broth.
  • That's it. Our charro beans are now ready to be served.
  • Tips for the preparation of charro beans h3>
    • This recipe proposes the use of dried chorizo ​​to prepare charro beans. If you only get fresh chorizo, then you have to incorporate it into the cooking at the same time as the sausages or chops, or even fry them with the bacon.
    • If you use ham between the ingredients, it is better to be chopped in cubes to be chopped into slices.
    • You can serve charro beans to accompany roast meats or simply, consume them alone in a bowl or bowl.
    • You can add beer to the preparation and convert your charro beans in drunken beans.
    • Another option is to add pork rinds to the recipe or turn your charro beans into some pork beans.
    • If you have a good amount of beans, you can save them for a considerable time in a closed container, in the freezer.You can use a mixture of the three meats, or two of them, for this recipe. In fact, the recipe for charro beans is very "customizable" regarding the use of meats.
    • If you leave the beans soaking during the night, you will shorten the cooking time. If you use a pressure cooker instead of a normal pot, you can have them ready in just half an hour.
    • You can also use other types of beans instead of the bayos: Peruvian beans or pinto beans.