Recipe of populated chalupas, very easy

Chalupas are Mexican snacks that are extremely easy to prepare. This is good news because they are so delicious, they also end very quickly when they are ready to be eaten.

Chalupas can be prepared with different ingredients: shredded chicken, beef, pork (including chorizo) , which fits incredibly well), or simply cheese.

The basic ingredients are green sauce or red sauce, onion and of course, good corn tortillas, ideally fresh.

Recipe from poblano chalupas

It is necessary to make clear that today we will prepare chalupas like those that are made in Mexico, originally from the state of Puebla. I explain this because there are also chalupas that are prepared in other Latin American countries, and the recipe is not the same.

The chalupas that we prepare today will have two types of sauce: red sauce and green sauce. If you prefer you can prepare them only with one of both sauces, but I recommend using both, because the contrast of colors creates a very appetizing effect, visually.

For a recipe that uses so few elements, the quality of the ingredients is essential for a delicious result. Therefore, I suggest preparing sauces with our green sauce recipe and our other red sauce recipe. In this way, they will prepare chalupas with homemade sauces.You will see that this recipe for cooking is really easy, and that it is prepared very quickly.We will peel it and chop it into small cube-shaped pieces.